Grass Fed Beef

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At On the Lamb Farm we raise our beef on lush green pasture, right here in the Stillaguamish Valley in Northwest Washington. We do not finish on grain, and we do not use antibiotics or additives in feed. We use medications only when necessary, never routinely. While our products are not strictly organic, we raise our livestock with the care that we demand when feeding our own family. We sell beef by the whole cow, side, or half side (quarter). A whole cow yields approximately 720 lbs, a side about 360 lbs, and a half side (quarter) about 180 lbs. These weights are averages, and the actual weights can vary considerably. It is not unusual to have a quarter weigh anywhere from 150 to over 200 lbs. There is generally about a 20-30% loss in the cutting and trimming, so from a 180 lb side you can expect about 135 lbs of meat that you take home. Again, these numbers are quite variable and are intended to give you a rough idea of what to expect.
To place an order for beef, see our “Order Meat” page.