Whole Beef - Deposit

Whole Beef - Deposit

Whole Beef - Deposit
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Our prices, based on hanging weight:

  • Half side (quarter) $4.25 per pound
  • Side $4.05 per pound
  • Whole Cow $3.90 per pound


The butcher fees are in addition to these prices. Current butcher fees are as follows, but are subject to change without notice:

  • Slaughter fee $60 per animal, or $30.00 per side, or $15.00 per quarter
  • Cut/Wrap $0.57 per pound hanging weight


The average butcher fee is about $125 per quarter.

We also offer our grass-fed beef in individual cuts (roasts, steaks, ribs etc.), and in ground beef wrapped in 1- and 2-pound packages, butchered and packaged by our USDA-inspected butcher, Island Grown Cooperative.  If you are interested, contact us for price and availability.

Price: 600.00 US
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