Our grass fed Katahdin lambs are available in the early fall. Katahdins are a meat breed, and yield a wonderful, mild-flavored meat. We are taking deposits now for lambs that will be ready around September. Lambs are sold by the whole animal only, for $2.75 per pound live weight. The lambs weigh anywhere between 60 and 110 lbs, but 70 lbs is typical. When the lambs are ready to go, we weigh them, tell you the total price and then the butcher comes and takes them. You send us a check for the balance, and you speak directly with the butcher to tell him how you want your lamb cut and wrapped.

It is important to remember that the yield of meat from a lamb is roughly 40% of the live weight. Customers are often surprised, since the yield on many other types of livestock is higher. From a 70 lb. lamb, you will get about 28 lbs. of meat. We use Del Fox Meats in Stanwood, and they can answer specific questions about cutting and wrapping.

When you pick up your meat at the butcher, you pay the butcher his fee directly. For an average sized lamb, expect the total cost (animal plus butcher fees) to be in the range of $275-$300.

To place an order for lamb, complete our order form and submit your deposit to On The Lamb Farm.